Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Counselling Service on Relationflip.com

      Relationflip holds the ultimate objective to pamper all respects of employee’s life in your organization while providing guidance to balance work performance and personal routine. With RF Analytical Counselling service, we promise to help your employees as well as your organization to achieve sustainable growth together. To allow you to work best with RF Analytical Counselors through Relationflip website, we hereby establish terms and conditions for counselling service via www.Relationflip.com. Once you print your full name together with family name onto the acknowledgement field, you agree upon these terms and conditions. With this, you are almost there to finish your appointment making and payment. To receive a service from RF Analytical Counselor through the website, you are liable to hold the right and responsibility as stated in these service terms and conditions. Therefore, Relationflip would appreciate your time to carefully read the terms and conditions prior to receiving our service.

1. Preface. This agreement contains a set of terms and conditions that you must agree to in order to receive the service from RF Analytical Counselor through Relationflip.com. It is made by and between Jitta Vimungsa Co,Ltd. (under Relationflip as a founder and administrator of Relationflip.com, namely “Relationflip”or “we”, “us”, “our”) and you who receive a counselling service RF Analytical Counselor. You contact with RF Analytical Counselor through Relationflip.com application or other types of platform available on the website via computer, mobile phone, or other devices. We shall simply call you “you” or “client”.

2. Definitions. To make a clear understanding of all terminologies used in this agreement, we are pleased to clarify all glossaries.
     2.1. “Terms and conditions for counselling service” means all terms and conditions for counselling service at Relationflip.com as stated in this agreement.
     2.2. “Client” refers to a person who makes contact and receive the counselling service from RF Analytical Counselor, registering with Relationflip through the website Relationflip.

3. RF Analytical Counselor. RF Analytical Counselor is the independent psychological counselor who provides counselling service to the client. RF Analytical Counselor is not Relationflip’s employee, representative or business partner. Relationflip is only providing psychological counselors with a space to register and provide counselling service to the client. To make it more convenient, you are able to contact RF Analytical Counselor directly to ensure the quality service. However, we are not able to guaranty that the service will perfectly meet your expectation. Moreover, we are not able to certify, support, or especially lead any particular counselors. Any kind of service we provide is based on your satisfaction, acceptance and decision making. Once you choose to receive the service from RF Analytical Counselor through Relationflip, the relationship occurs after such contact for service, only between you and RF Analytical Counselor. You fully understand that RF Analytical Counselor is not Relationflip’s employee, representative or business partner. Therefore, RF Analytical Counselor must be solely responsible for the counselling service while Relationflip is not in charge of RF Analytical Counselor’s relationship, contact or even counselling service.

4. Counselling service.
     4.1. RF Analytical Counselor shall provide you with the counselling service with aims to enhance your understanding towards the nature of circumstances and their root causes. The clear understanding shall lead to the decision making which is appropriate for the client while preparing him/her for the impact from such decision and the following actions. The client shall be able to learn various in need life skills helping to solve their pain points. However, our main objective of the counselling service is to provide you the information, not to diagnose, prescribe, and provide medical advice or medical treatment. You assume total responsibility and risk for your own decision.
     4.2. The counselling service is appropriate for individuals with normal health conditions, free of mental or brain disorder, ability to consider, analyse, think, perceive the reality, and be ready to responsible for any actions they choose to do.
     4.3. Relationflip is now providing the counselling service through a mobile conversation, which may be not as effective as face-to-face conversation. Hence, it’s necessary for you not to depend or make a decision regarding your health issues upon the advice from the website. In that case, we recommend you seek the advice from the professional physical or particular counselor in person, aside from that of RF Analytical Counselor. When being so depressed that you think of committing suicide, or hurting yourself or others, or having an emergency, you should immediately contact an emergency medical service and keep those involved officials posted on the incident. A hyperlink with contact number of an emergency medical service is available on the website homepage.

5. Counselling service. Prior to receiving our counselling service through Relationflip, you acknowledge and agree as the followings:
     5.1. You must be at least 20 years old who can legally perform any juristic act and not be considered an incompetent person, quasi-incompetent person, legally insane person, or mental disorder. You must be able to consider, analyse, understand and critically think towards the circumstance and reality and be responsible for any choice you make.
     5.2. To help you find the right RF Analytical Counselor, Relationflip is happy to post their educational background, work experience, area of expertise and channel of contact on the website. It’s your freedom to select the right counselor at your own satisfaction.
     5.3. When you choose your RF Analytical Counselor, Relationflip website shall lead you to the appointment making process. At this stage, you may need to indicate some brief information regarding your health and other relevance needed for the best counselling outcome and future improvement of the website. Furthermore, you can obtain additional information of how to use Relationship website at (link of Relationflip privacy policy)
     5.4.To receive the counselor service by RF Analytical Counselor, you should make an appointment at least 3 hours earlier.
     5.5. Once your information is verified, the website shall lead you to the payment process, which is based on Relationflip payment policy.
     5.6. Once you’re done with the payment, we shall confirm the appointment between you and RF Analytical Counselor, together with the counselling service detail, contact channel, and service guidance.
     5.7. As stated in 4.1 and 4.3 that our counselor service by RF Analytical Counselor is focusing merely on providing you the information, not to diagnose, prescribe, and provide medical advice or medical treatment. The phone counselling may be not as effective as in-person counselling, thus you acknowledge to avoid any kind of advice which is likely to be a diagnosis, prescription or medical treatment. Moreover, depending only upon the advice by RF Analytical Counselor through the phone is not recommended.
     5.8. (Contacting between you and RF Analytical Counselor without any knowledge of Relationflip is not permitted.)
     5.9. You promise not to threaten, harass, disturb or stalk any RF Analytical Counselor, or show any sign of attempt to do such manners before, during and after the counselling.
     5.10. The contact channel between you and RF Analytical Counselor listed on the website shall be designated by Relationflip website only. You will not provide or request for any information from RF Analytical Counselor in order to make contact on your own. If such manner is detected by Relationflip, we have right to discontinue your counselling service and the use of Relationflip website.com immediately.
     5.11. You allow RF Analytical Counselor who provide you counselling service to submit us the evaluation result. You assume the result contains the information of your mental status as well as your health condition and is created for your future counselling with RF Analytical Counselor. Apparently, this evaluation result shall be kept confidential and secured safely. Nevertheless, we have right to modify this result into the unidentified information for future use. Any information use shall comply the standard of Relationflip’s privacy policy.

6. Service fee.
     6.1. The counselling fee shall be paid to Relationflip prior to receiving the service. The fee can be divided into two parts:
          6.1.1. The first part shall be paid to RF Analytical Counselors directly. Relationflip is only working as a central channel for you to transfer the counselling service fee to RF Analytical Counselors, not hiring them or paying them any income.
          6.1.2. The second part shall be paid to Relationflip for handling services to make the counselling service succeed including website management, software development, credit card fee and so forth. Without these handling services, Relationflip will not be able to facilitate the counselling successfully.
     6.2. In case that you fail to obtain the counselling service for some reasons, Relationflip is happy to give you a full refund and you will be notified about our refund policy prior to making a payment.

7. Personal data. The use of personal data is based on Relationflip’s privacy policy. (To learn more, please follow this link.)

8. Other provisions
     8.1. There is no clause of these terms and conditions means or implies partnership, co-investor, representative, legal representative, employer or employee between Relationflip and the client. Each party is not allowed to hire or act as a representative of the other to contact the third party for any announcement of being a representative or claiming for any responsibility or taking any action which bonds with the other, unless otherwise instructed by these terms and conditions or permitted in a written form by the other.
     8.2. Any modification, amendment, or addition onto these terms and conditions will not take effect, unless otherwise stated in a written form.
     8.3. The section head in each paragraph is created only for convenient reading, not for any special interpretation.
     8.4. Terms and conditions apply for and are beneficial for the legal representative, heir, party assignee (referring to you and Relationflip), as stated in this agreement.
     8.5. If a provision of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal, void, invalid, or against the law by the authorized court, only that provision will be voided but the rest of the contract will continue to be valid.
     8.6. The provision. The terms and conditions in this agreement, along with other relevant policies as stated hereby are considered the provision agreed by you and Relationflip. When you agree to obtain a counselling service through Relationflip website, you do not comply with other Relationflip’s rules apart from what stated in these terms and conditions this agreement, along with other relevant policies.

9. The responsibility of Relationflip.
Relationflip is not a counselling service provider who perform or sell the counselling service directly to the client. Moreover, Relationflip is not an affiliate of or a firm providing counselling service. In fact, Relationflip is established to facilitate the counselling service by RF Analytical Counselor and will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by the action or inaction of RF Analytical Counselor.